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About The West End Tour

On our West End Tour discover the side of Vancouver that is so good, the locals almost don’t want anyone else to know about it: The Seawall, English Bay Beach, and the serenely beautiful West End.

Steps away from the bustling downtown lies the peaceful West End, a neighbourhood loved and frequented by Vancouver locals. Those fortunate enough to call the West End home have all the best aspects of Vancouver within skipping distance – small local coffee shops and intimate restaurants, streets lined with blooming flowers & swaying maple trees, beautiful heritage homes & art-deco architecture, crisp ocean air, the Seawall, English Bay Beach, and Stanley Park.

Your expert local guide will introduce you to the best spots and hidden secrets of the West End, while sharing tales of the neighbourhood’s most notable residents and their contributions to the skyline throughout its rich and bombastic history, including: the heritage Roedde House Museum (1893), the skyscraping Shangri-La (2009) and the art-deco Marine Building (1929). You will enjoy stunning views from Waterfront to English Bay.  Discover why Vancouver is within the ‘Top-10 Best Cities in the World to live‘.

What’s included?

  • Expert local english-speaking guide
  • Waterfront, Downtown, West End, English Bay
  • Inukshuk, Marine Building, Seawall
  • Access to the Roedde House Museum
  • Local recommendations, Lee's Donut Stop

What can I bring?

  • Swimsuit for the ocean
  • Secured Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Sense of Adventure
  • Gratuity for your guide

Get Exclusive Access to the Best of Vancouver’s Architectural Triumphs

Explore the Marine Building, The Hotel Vancouver, and Roedde House Mansion with your experienced local guide as you gain behind the scenes access to Vancouver’s premiere architectural treasures.

The beauty of english bay

Vancouver’s coastline is vast and beautiful.  A peninsula surrounded by inlets and oceanfront, and entirely encompassed by the longest uninterrupted waterfront path in the world: The famous Seawall.  Your guide will take you on the local’s favourite stretch of the Seawall, and finish the tour at an area that holds a special place in the hearts of locals: English Bay.

On The West End Tour, your expert local guide will introduce you to Vancouverites throughout history, referencing thousands of years of indigenous tribes, the arrival of Captain George Vancouver, early settlers of the wild west frontier town, and the magnificent skyline creators we are today.  Each era had its own passion for building skyward, from Totem Poles to Skyscrapers.  Discover the accomplishments of the greatest architects through the ages on the West End Tour.

Your West End Tour starts with a spectacular view of the North Shore Mountains and ends at English Bay Beach where vast ocean horizons await.

Careful stepping foot into The West End… you might end up moving here.  We did!


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The West End Tour

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Due to the high percentage of wealthy and noble citizens originally living in the area now known as the West End, the area was dubbed “Blue Blood Alley”.  Of the dozens of mansions that once graced the quiet streets, 3 remain.  See all 3 Blue Blood Mansions on The West End Tour.